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Aurora's FA Site

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A little dull, a little boring; but it works.
Under construction.


You can lable me as a lot of things. FA, therian, starseed, etc. There is a lot that makes up the being who is Aurora. Welcome to my FA/Gainer website, one aspect of the whole. Just as a general warning...
If you do not wish to see or read about a teenage girl loving the body she's in and showing it off, DO NOT PROCEED. Eventually there will be belly pics etc., and if this isn't your thing, please leave now and spare your eyes. ;-)
And if on the other hand you love this sort of thing, welcome! Snoop around and enjoy yourself.

Everything contained on this website is copyright Dana "Aurora" Johnson. That goes for all images, artwork, storiest, etc. Please respect this and don't steal anything that isn't yours.