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Aurora's Stuffing Journal


I am so unbelievably stuffed. I've just recently completed my biggest binge to this date, and unless my stomach does a lot of stretching, this is as much as I'll go, because Ive been in pain for a good half hour! Haha, no, I dont regret it one bit. I find quite a bit of pleasure in stuffing pains. However, I dont like to battle with my stomach over whether or not the mountain of food I just ate is going to stay where it belongs or head north. I probably shouldnt have eaten so fast. :-p Anyway, I think its worth the effort. Both parents gone, new groceries, and a house to myself...bliss! Heres a play-by-play of exactly what I did and ate...

Before I started my binge, I went around the house raiding cabinets, the fridge, and the freezers looking for good stuffing material. When I found something I wanted to add to my session, I wrote it down. My mom came home with more groceries and I added accordingly when she was gone. All total, I had 11 things listed. As time went on I deleted and added stuff, but youll read more of that in a bit.

First thing I ate was a bag of beef jerky. I was originally going to only eat a couple pieces because it would be a half hour or so before I really started my binge because I was watching the tail end of a movie. But, of course, I couldnt help myself so I ate the whole 4oz bag. I was surprised at how full I felt afterward, and thought "oh no! This is just the beginning!" And there was no way I was going to back out of my plan. I washed it all down with a can of Ruby Red Squirt soda pop that my mom had just brought for me, and let out an amazing belch afterward that really cleared some room. Then it was time to get down and dirty.

First I finished off the vanilla ice cream right out of the carton, seeing as there was only about a cup left. Hardly enough to get its own bowl and chocolate sauce. I disposed of the carton and thought about what I could have next. I had 3 sandwiches listed: turkey pastrami with cheese and lettuce, ham with cheese, and PB&J. I decided to go with the first two and deleted the latter because we had just gotten a new loaf of bread and I didnt want my binge to be noticed in any way. I made the sandwiches secretly. First the ham, which I brought into my room, and then the turkey pastrami, which I also carried to my room to be consumed when I had a right pile of food in front of me.

Then I scooped up a fair amount of potato salad onto a plate and brought that back to my pile. Originally I also had graham crackers with margarine on my list, though I found out they were honey and not cinnamon so I figured it wasnt worth it. On my last trip into the kitchen (for the moment) I popped my few remaining bbq chicken wings into the microwave. When those were done I brought em back to my room along with another can of pop. Finally I was ready to indulge!

I started with the turkey pastrami. I ate it without really thinking much about it. Easy. Then for a change, I scarfed down my potato salad before starting on the other sandwich. I then contemplated whether or not I should take a couple sips of my soda and continue with the ham, and as quickly as the thought arose it was dismissed and I munched on the sandwich. I was getting rather sick of the cheese though, and I actually threw the last of the sandwich away. I cant handle too much of one thing, tis how I am. I was looking forward to the next course.

I walked (walked? waddled, haha) back into the kitchen and I grabbed the "one cup" measuring cup and came back to my room. I filled it up with goldfish crackers, and I figured thatd be just about the right amount to add to the session. I alternated a mouthful of goldfish and pop until the whole cup was gone. This was the last thing to eat before the biggest course, so I laid back on my bed and raised the empty cup in triumph, with a smile on my face, as I listened to the content rumblings of my wide, wide belly.

After resting a short time, I went back to the kitchen (and yes, now I was pretty much waddling, moving much more slowly as well). Ah yes, the main course. Supper was supposed to consist of, and only of, a rather large container labeled "self serve lasagna," though by closer inspection of the nutritional information it listed it as having a nice, rounded out "3 servings." I popped it in the microwave and sat down at the table, still sipping my pop and belching on occasion, all the while rubbing and squeezing my taught tummy, wondering if it could hold the heavy lasagna meal.

Back in my room with the lasagna I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I figured itd be easy to wolf down the contents of the container. I grabbed a third pop in case I needed some help washing it down (which I did). I started off slowly, methodically chewing and swallowing, and continued in that manner until it was half gone. Then I took a few good chugs of my soda and let my stomach settle. I was feeling some pretty obvious pain at this point, knowing I was all but exceeding my limits. I belched and felt a tad better, and continued to scarf down my supper. I knew I was going a tad overkill, really testing my limits, and I could feel my stomach begging to stop. This made me eat faster in a hurry to get it all down before I couldnt stand it. As a result I got a fair bit of sauce on my shirt and my face. Finally the container was empty. I laid back again in relief, and listened to the sounds of a very full belly, stretching beyond the limits I thought I had. I lifted my shirt and examined my expansion. The upper part of my abdomen was so stretched that I was unable to see my belly button from that position. I smiled.

I laid there a good 10 minutes at least, and then figured it was about time to call my mate/boyfriend (as he had called during my session and I had ignored the call). I slowly eased myself to a sitting position and marveled at my sheer volume. I couldnt believe how much I had eaten. It was painful to make any sudden movements, or put myself in an awkward position. I eased to my feet and lumbered, slowly, to grab the phone.

Because of my stuffing, I had become quite horny and my mate and I had an interesting conversation, the details of which I will not share. ;-) However, it was rather awkward to talk and keep myself from from puking at the same time. I found that if I stood or sat straight and puffed out my chest a bit to relieve pressure on my stomach I felt better, so I did this until the pain disappeared.

Now as I sit here and type this I feel quite content. Its a very accomplished feeling, to have finally found my limit. And as well as feeling content I feel very, very fat. I think Ill have trouble fitting into a couple pairs of pants tomorrow. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed reading this! And as a final note, heres a list of everything I ate. If I remember, Ill try and get a calorie count asap, cause I know some of you like that sort of thing. :-p

In order (except for the pop):

4oz bag of beef jerky

cup vanilla ice cream

4 bbq chicken wings

Turkey-pastrami sandwich with lettuce, cheese, and miracle whip

Potato salad (not sure on the amount...a cup maybe?)

Ham, cheese, and mustard sandwich with margarine

One cup of Goldfish crackers

3 servings self-serve lasagna

3 cans of soda pop


And that's it. I did take a couple pictures of my stuffed belly and they are posted below. Enjoy!