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What Fat Appreciation is All About

FA traditionally stands for three things on the Internet: fat acceptance, fat admiration, and fat appreciation. They all boil down to about the same thing, however. Calling yourself an FA (or a FA, depending on if you'd use the whole term or the abreviation) is implying that you admire people of a larger stature. FAs all have their own reasons for this, and all take it to varying degrees.
BBW stands for big beautiful woman, and BHM stands for big handsome man. Stick an SS in front of either one, and you've simply super-sized your order. ;-)
A gainer is a person who gains weight purposely. Again, individuals have their own explanations as to why. Some of them revolve around erotic feelings, and others "simply love being fat." Most gainers continue to be mindful of their health as they gain. Contrary to what doctors will tell you, it's very possible to be fat and healthy. In fact, many fat people are actually more healthy than the thinner variety.
A feedee is a person who wants to be fed and fattened by another person, called a feeder. Usually this involves a long term relationship and marraige.
A foodee is a person who loves food and loves to eat but is generally not interested in gaining weight (though it often happens anyway).
People who choose this path know what they're getting into; know the consequences. Like smoking and drinking, this is simply a lifestyle choice. Be mindful of that.