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Aurora in a Nutshell

"Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this? It's crazy!"
- Austin Powers

My real name is Dana Rae Johnson. Yes, boring. The most common last name in the US.

I live in a rural town of 2000 way up in northern Minnesota, about 40 miles from the Canadian boarder, on Lake Superior. We're a tourist center, and feature many points of interest that I won't go into now (check out the Cook County pages). I'm proud of where I live, yes I am. Our family owns cabins, a trailer court, and small campground, and my dad delivers propane gas for Como.

I'll be 17 on January 31. I was brought up in a 2 parent household as an only child, though I have both an older half sister and half brother. I love animals, and have had many over the years.

I'm not going to tell a whole lot about my childhood here, for that you'd have to read my spiritual journey. I always played with stuffed animals rather than dolls. I had and still have a connection with animals, particularly dogs and cats. When I was very young, I pretended to be all sorts of animals. Then I concentrated on just cats. I evolved from cats to dogs, from dogs to foxes, and from foxes to wolves in 2nd grade when I did a report on them (someone picked fox before I did). It was that simple report that brought the wolf out in the open. I played wolf all the time, and even started my own pack at recess.

Eventually I was forced to "grow out" of my wolfiness. After being teased and tormented for 3 years not only for my "game" but for being overweight, after 5th grade the wolf receded into the shadows for a while. My love for wolves never ceased though, and I still drew them quite frequently and collected various items and pictures.

9th grade was the year my wolf bit me in the ass. I started expressing those wolflike tendancies like I had in childhood (though privately of course). I howled again for the first time in 3 years, and it felt good. Then I finally got my computer hooked into the Internet. One day when I was looking for wolf photographs for art class, I came across a couple werewolf sites. I was intrigued. I explored it further and was very surprised to find that I was not the only one, and that there was a name for all this: Therianthropy. The rest is history.

When I first entered the scene, I went by SilverWolf, and then (on Ezboard) SilverWolfHowling. I eventually dropped it when I learned more about my wolf, and became "AuroraWolfen" because of my love for the northern lights, or aurora borealis, which can infrequently be seen from my house. I realized that I, in fact, was a typical white wolf (with a bit of grey on my back) rather than silver. I now feel I am a cross between an Eastern Timberwolf and an Arctic Wolf. This is because of Aurora's colour and size (I know I'm not dire), and yet I'm not full arctic because of my love for the boreal forest. Read more about this in my personal therianthropy.

As for who I am offline? Well, I'm really outgoing. Not a whole lot upsets me. I'm the kind of person who trusts people a little too much, but when I get hurt by them I have the ability to shrug it off and continue life. I live with the standard moral of forgive and forget, and some people hate me for it. I rarely hold a grudge. The glass is half full, and the sun is always shining. Of course, I do have my flaws. I'm an extreme procrastinator. I'm working on it.

Another trait I'm particularly glad I have is my ability to adapt to almost any situation. My mate joked one day "Are you sure you aren't a coyote?" Haha. My adaptability can really be reflected in my clothes. One day I can wear my earthtones and my bear claw necklace and stuff when I'm going to be out in the woods or chilling with likeminded friends, and the next day I can be wearing all black and look semi-gothy when I hang around some of my friends who always dress like that. Then the next day I can be wearing a normal T-shirt and jeans. I also find that I can get along with almost anyone. There isn't a steriotypical group of people I have met yet that I haven't been able to get along with.

I don't travel much, though I'd like to. I've been to Wisconsin and Canada (oh wow, 40 miles up the road), and that's all. However, this is gonna change pretty quick. In February I'm going to London on a sort of school trip, and in May I'm going to Chicago with the school band (I play Alto Sax, and love it!).

I have a boyfriend of a year and a half. He goes by the name "Hunter" and can sometimes be seen around my board, though I need to yell at him to post more. He's a typical black phase wolf. He lives in southern MN and we see each other about once every 2 months for a few days. We have a very strong bond, and there is no doubt in my mind that we'll be "officially" mated someday in the future.

I'm currently attending highschool about a mile from my house. I plan to go to college in Ely, MN to become a Park Naturalist. In essence I'll be living out my dream. While in Ely I'll be volunteering at the IWC, or International Wolf Center. It's a great place (see pictures).

As far as movies and music go, I have a wide range of tastes. Actually, I prefer a good book, though seldom get time to read anymore. For music I like anything from country to metal, except for R&B and cRAP, and some pop. For movies, I'm a big fan of horror, comedy, fantasy, some sci-fi, animated, and action.

And that's me in a nutshell. :-)