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I've always found meditation to be fairly easy. This is a simple step by step meditation to help you on your path. Remember not to skip any of the steps, they're there for a reason.

I usually go to a place where I won't be disturbed. If I'm in the house I'll take the phone off the hook and make sure the cats can't get to wherever I am. Having an animal come and touch you while you're in meditation can really bring a shock to your system. I then concentrate on relaxing all of my body, starting with my toes and working my way up. I make sure I'm in a comfortable position. Once you do this a couple times you can get all the way to you're head fairly quickly. Make sure to spend extra time on places you tense fairly easily, especially your shoulders. Just imagine a white light flowing through you starting at your feet. If it helps, tense the muscles first and then relax them.

Once I'm totally relaxed and I feel a tingling feeling in my feet and hands, I imagine a river or a well, or some other water source. I dump any feelings or problems I have in my head at the moment into that water to be washed away or trapped so they do not interfear in my meditation.

Then I imagine a white, soothing light. I let that light travel around me and through me. I breath it in. I become completely at peace. You can stay in this state for as long as you like. Sometimes I just go this far if I've had a bad day and I just want to feel better.

From there I imagine myself in a setting (for me it usually starts out in a forest with a waterfall because that's what I've become comfortable with, but it could be in the arctic, in a field, anywhere). If I've decided to have a spiritual shift (which I've come to call any shift that happens during meditation) I will see my were side in front of me. We come nose to nose, and I morph myself into my wolf form, so I then see the world from her eyes, as a wolf. From there out I explore my surroundings and just "be."

When I'm done, I morph back into my human self looking at my wolf side nose to nose, and then I see her trotting off into the distance, fading into white light. I imagine the white light surrounding me again. While breathing it in, I slowly start to move my hands and feet again and open my eyes.

Once you've done this a couple times it becomes quite simple. Also, as a note, this is a common method of meditation in shamanism. You aren't restricted to just shift into your were side. I've shifted into a tiger, leopard, birds, a frog, and many more. Sometimes an animal might have a certain characteristic you'd like in your life. If you need strength for something coming up, like a competition, you might do this meditation as a tiger or a bear. There are tons of different animals you could try. This is also a good way for unsure therians to find their wereside. They might try several different animals and see which one they feel most comfortable as. Of course this shouldn't be used as the ONLY method to find your side, just a helper.