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Leatherworks and Crafts

Here you'll find scanned images of craft work I've done. These items are not for sale. Below the table there are further descriptions and commission prices.

Your basic pouch.
Basic pouch with suede side out. (Very soft)
Larger pouch with fringe and lizard charm.
A basic white pouch.
Rabbit fur pouch.
Prisma's pouch. Part of an art trade.
Leather bag for Aheria. Special order.
Basic dreamcatcher.
Bottom end of a very long smudging feather.
Feather hair tie.

I'm Not Currently Accepting Orders on Craft Work

Prices include shipping.

Basic Pouch: Basic pouches are around 3 inches long and 2 inches wide (excluding fringe) though I can make them larger. I can do them in several styles, and if you happen to come up with your own idea just run it by me and I'll see what I can do. I can also adorn these with your choice of beads, charms, and fringe as well. Included in the pouch price are your choice of 4 small "gifts" that I include inside the pouch (see below). $6+

Fur Pouch: Fur pouches are around the same size or a little larger than basic pouches and are made with rabbit fur. The picture above shows a rabbit pouch made with sinue and plastic beads - I no longer do this. It was made before I had the materials needed. I now make them the way I do other pouches, and use glass or other natural beads with leather thong lacing. Working with fur is a little more time consuming than leather, but creates an all-around nicer and more unique product. These can be adorned in much the same way as leather pouches can, and also include 4 gift extras. $10+

***Gift extras include a variety of gemstones, coyote claws, arrowheads, bones, fur, and small feathers.

Dreamcatchers: Dreamcatchers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and I'll have more examples soon. The one pictured was made with a metal ring, leather, and sinue; though I also make them with willow and maple tree branches. Rather than sinue, I tend to use a thinner waxed white string so it looks a little more clean. Because these can vary so much in size and adornments I do them on a case by case basis. Email me.

Smudging Feathers: Smudging feathers are traditionally used when cleansing an area with sage or incense. The picture you see above is just the bottom half as it is much to large for my scanner, with a total length of 21 inches (including fringe). I will not be making them this large to sell as I don't know of a safe shipping method. Smaller ones I can manage though, using the same method as the large. You choose the leather, fur, and feather. $12+

Feather Ties: Feather ties can be fastened just about anywhere. I find they're easily tied to the top of a pony tail, and my mate/boyfriend has a couple in his truck. I have a wide variety of feathers to choose from (pictures coming soon), as well as beads. I can make single feather ties, or doubles like the one shown here. Single: $4 Double: $6

Special Order: Special order items can be just about anything. If you come up with an idea for a certain craft item that you think I might have the materials to make, please email me and I'll give you an estimated price. I'll do these on a case by case basis. If it seems like too large a task for me at the moment, I'll kindly decline.