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Superior Hiking Trail

These pictures were taken in August, 2002. Hunter/Devin and I took a day-long hike on the Superior Hiking Trail from the Lindskog road to the Devil Track River bridge. In total, it was a rigorous 5 mile hike, and I got some beautiful photographs. Some of them remind me a little of the Southwest, though they've all been taken up here in the wilds of northern Minnesota.

View of the cliffs from the trail.
More cliffs.
Can't you smell the evergreens?
Devil Track River winding between the cliffs.
The hiking path. Mmm, red pine.
Another trail picture.
On top of Spruce Knob. Can you see the wolf in the background?
The "spirit wolf" is circled.
Hunter poses behind a red pine.
View of the river from the trail before the bridge.
The A-frame bridge leading to a campsite and the rest of the trail.
View of the bridge from below. Beautiful!
Campsite area on the other side of the bridge.
Definately a future Howl site!
The river as seen from the bridge, southeast.
The river as seen from the bridge, northwest.
Pretty red river!
The flow.